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Twisted Wire Jewellery

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Just a few twisted wire jewellery designs.    

Colombian Arepas

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Staving off a cyclist’s hunger in Colombia was easy with the abundance of tasty, carb-filled, roadside snacks! Empanadas, papa rellenos and arepas were among our favourites. The arepa has been eaten throughout Colombia, Venezuela and Panama for centuries. This quick, tasty arepa recipe is a perfect accompaniment for your eggs, soups or just as a snack. If you have corn flour in the house, you have arepas! *British Friends: You need to find Cornflour/ Cornstarch that is semi-course. Not the ultra-fine white one we use for thickening sauces. Head to your nearest health food shop….read more

No Pasa Nada

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This song was inspired by the recurring stories I heard during my bicycle tour in Mexico. No pasa nada is a popular saying, the literal meaning ‘nothing happens’. In the context of this song it expresses a lack of justice. This leads to an environment that destroys family values. No Pasa Nada A fast pace of life Hides behind the sun A walk in the night Hear the eloquent tongue Senorita gathers up her young Her mother sells gorditas From the windows of her cocina But makes next to none…read more

Crochet, Learning The Basics

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My experience in crochet up until now has been non-existent. Years ago my nanny (grandmother)  taught me to knit and purl, that was my only introduction into working with yarn. The mantra ‘in, around, through and off’ will always remind me of her and I am sure she would be very proud of all the rectangles I have knitted since! So to learn the basics of crochet I rented a few books from the library and perused them for the easiest ‘how to guide’ in crochet. The book Crochet Jewelry 40 Beautiful and…read more

Beads Are Everywhere!

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Beads are everywhere! No matter how hard I try to keep them on the table and in their respective trays, these tiny balls of beauty slip from my fumbly fingers and scatter like marbles over the studio floor. Blood Red Bracelet  I assembled the beads onto the wire in a semi organised fashion but I couldn’t help but throw in a few surprise elements like the elephant charm and jump rings. What I like about beading is the freedom to change course! Heart Lock Necklace I wanted to practice ‘keeping…read more

Playing With Clay

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The one and only time I worked with clay was in secondary school. I made a shallow bowl with spiky little edges, finished with a blue glaze. It’s possible my Mum has squirrelled it away somewhere in the depths of her garage but I think the likelihood of it ever rising to the surface is small. Now at 31 years old I wonder why I stopped playing with clay after my first introduction. Getting your hands dirty and sculpting something from your imagination is instantly gratifying and therapeutic, especially when listening…read more

Drawstring Bag Sewing Project

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Sewing machines have always looked complicated to me, too many buttons and variables.  Despite purchasing a machine on Ebay a couple of years  ago I have barely used it, but from now on this will change.  Now that I have been shown the ropes by  Bonnie,  a raku ceramics artist I have no more excuses! Using this tutorial, I followed the step by step instructions to make some drawstring bags. I wouldn’t say my bags are perfect but I am really happy with the result. I recycled some clothes bought from a charity…read more

Knitting Above My Weight In English Lace

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This headband is probably a little cutesy for me to wear myself but on the right person it would look darling! English lace knit is classed as an intermediate pattern but if you are persistent, you’ll get the hang of it. I added three crochet button flowers to this little piece of knit to add a splash of colour.    

Made In Mexico, A Song For Chiapas

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‘Made In Mexico’, San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas. During my bicycle tour in Latin America I spent five months travelling in Mexico. Some of that time was in the beautiful mountainous region of Chiapas. After spending two weeks in San Cristobal de las Casas I started to understand more about the political movement in the region and the struggle the indigenous people have been faced with. This song was inspired by the Zapatista movement.  Made In Mexico Made in Mexico Mayan routes hold on to the youth that follows Don’t lose it…read more